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Changing Stripes Tiger
Tablet Horizontal

By Unwindingspiral



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This tiger knows how to establish his identity, clear as a barcode. Leaping through the air, he knows what it's like to be free, to be himself. Every jump he takes is an opportunity to change his stripes, shift his understanding of himself and make his world a little more fun. Sometimes he does feel a little stretched thin, but that's just what happens when you adapt as quickly as a tiger. You can try to catch him by his tail, but he might just change that up on you, too. He likes to change up his hue too - letting his darker stripes contain the shade of whatever background he is printed on. He truly is a cat of a different color. Don't worry, though. He doesn't bite. Protect your tablet with an impact resistant hard shell case featuring an extremely slim profile. The lay-flat feature protects the front of your iPad by extending the bezel above the screen. Compatible with the Apple iPad Smart Cover. Great case offering solid protection and direct access to all device features.

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